We won!!!

While winning isn’t everything…oh wait, yes it is! It’s like The Oscars of Long Island. Now, let’s get it going. Make that appointment, you know, with the best!

Teacher Training Program

Our Teacher Training Program is a Long Island resident’s dream! We know you’ve heard of Pilates on Fifth, aka Pilates Academy International, located in NYC. Well, we’ve brought their knowledge and program to you! The Pilates Absession is a hosting facility for Pilates Academy International!¬† Click on TODAY on our Course Schedule to bring the […]

What Can I Try For Free?

What Can I Try at The Pilates Absession For Free? Call or email to reserve a spot for any and all of the following: A Mat class A Ballet Barre¬†class A half hour with a trainer if you’re not ready to sign up for The Fundamentals Package *For new members only.