We won!!!

While winning isn’t everything…oh wait, yes it is! It’s like The Oscars of Long Island. Now, let’s get it going. Make that appointment, you know, with the best!

Teacher Training Program

Our Teacher Training Program is a Long Island resident’s dream! We know you’ve heard of Pilates on Fifth, aka Pilates Academy International, located in NYC. Well, we’ve brought their knowledge and program to you! The Pilates Absession is a hosting facility for Pilates Academy International! The Pilates Absession is thrilled to announce its affiliation with […]

Pilates with Comedy Central’s Dwayne Perkins

Much like financial investments it’s best to diversify your workout regime. I’ve always been interested in Pilates. To me Pilates is like Yoga without the chanting and sage (the spice or the mystic).  I even have a Winsor Pilates workout tape that I’ve had for 6 years and never used.  But I’ve been meaning to.  […]

Welcome New Members!!!

Book a FREE half hour private session with us before you get started! Don’t miss this incredible chance to work with one of our amazing instructors as they get you ready to begin classes! Call (516) 255-0202, email: thepilatesabsession@hotmail.com or come in for additional information.