Personal and Private Training


Private lessons are perfect for clients who are just beginning an exercise regimen, those healing from an injury or simply, clients that prefer privacy and one-on-one attention.  You may want to direct your privates and ask for certain areas of your body to be targeted.  Perhaps, you want your trainer to take the full lead and assess your needs.  Many times clients like to incorporate some cardio into their Pilates training with the Jumpboard or Rebounder.

Pilates and Pregnancy

You want to be strong and healthly throughout your pregnancy, but you want to stay safe at the same time.  A Pilates routine is certainly something you can keep in your repertoire.  Because of its adaptability, Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise to do while you’re pregnant.  Your private or class will include resistance based training and will also be easy on the joints.  Keeping the core and pelvic floor strong during pregnancy is benificial both before and after the birth of your child.

Pilates Party

Host guests at your very own Absession party! You and the Absession instructor of your choice can design an intimate, fun and energizing exercise party at Absession for your friends, family, clients, colleagues, bridal party and more.

Rejuvenating Neck & Back Body Work

Refresh yourself fast with a rejuvenating chair bodywork. If ten minutes is sufficient to feel relaxed & refreshed, imagine what 20-30 minutes will do. According to researchers, even 15 minutes of bodywork to the neck, back, arms & hands can increase circulation, returning energy levels. Bodywork can be performed on all body types including pregnant women with the comfort of a sternum pad. Whether you are using this as the perfect ending to your Pilates workout or just as a quick de-stressor, the neck & back chair stretch is a great way to feel refreshed all day.