Dwayne Wade and LeBron James are taking Pilates!

LeBron James and Dwayne Wade are certainly ahead of most athletes when it comes to their training.  They must know the importance of flexibility as well as strength.  “I really felt the Pilates loosen up my muscles,” says Mr. Wade. The attention to stretching has paid off during the season. “I recall making a move, […]

Ballet Barre Booty Camp for Everyone!

It’s time to lose weight and look like a dancer!  This is the workout Kelly Ripa does to stay lean. Our high paced class is sure to leave you revitalized and sweating! Pay as you go or buy a package!  Student discounts all the time! (P.S.)  Your first class is free!  Call now to book […]

Seniors and Pilates

Seniors receive 10% off!  Are you looking to get more flexible and regain some strength?  Are you recovering from an injury or need to rehab following a surgery?  Half hour or full hour private sessions with The Pilates Absession can help!  We can design a Private session to suit your needs or a class for […]

Have you tried TRX® yet?

  Have you seen Kelly Ripa and Rob Lowe do TRX?? It’s the hottest new workout and we’ve had it for years! Develop a lean, athletic body with what has been voted the Best Total Body Tool. BRING WATER (a lot of it!)