“I ABSolutely love The Pilates Absession!  I started going to get in shape for my wedding.  On average, I took about two classes a week and in a year I dropped a whole dress size! I also received so many compliments about how toned I looked.  Everyone asked me what kind of workouts I was doing.  I have always been an athlete but Pilates challenged my body in different ways and I used muscles I didn’t even know I had.  I love all of the instructors!  They are very personable and listen to each clients needs and modify and challenge each client in every session!”

(Lyndsay Elznic-Laudato, member since 2010)

“My experience at The Pilates Absession has been AB-solutely fabulous! A novice at exercise, and the excuse Queen, the trainers inspired me to keep coming back! The quick results made me want to do Pilates even more! The experienced professionals help make a full body workout quick and fun! Each workout is different and varied (so you are never bored), but the results are always the same…awesome! My trainer took an interest in me as a person… mother, wife, nurse and big eater, and helped tailor my workouts to achieve the results I wanted. Only in a local boutique type of environment can you get this personalized attention. I promise in 10 classes or less you WILL see results! They made a believer out of me!”

(Elizabeth Mullen, member since 2007)

“After I had surgery on five cervical discs, I did PT, but gave it up in favor of Pilates. Using the Bosu and other apparatus, I restored my balance and was able to return to exercise walking. As an old-time marathoner, I know the importance of stretching. Nothing compares to my stretching sessions at the Pilates Absession for working out the kinks.”

(Al Merker, Senior, member since 2007)

“At 68, I know what a struggle it is to maintain a good body image. Fortunately, there’s the Pilates Absession! The Absession has helped me achieve and maintain youthful posture, strength, balance and muscle control – in an encouraging yet challenging environment that welcomes all comers.”

(Julia-Anne Merker, Senior, member since 2007)

“I’m a 57 year old Dental Hygienist and while working in Long Island I was lucky enough to find The Pilates Absession. I had suffered with sciatica and back pain and since working with them I am pain free.They have really helped me enhance my flexibility, strength and posture. I have never walked so straight before in my life.They have taught me that I can challenge my body in new ways. The instruction I received from the instructors is of the highest level. They make working out fun. This has become my life long Absession. I can’t live without my Pilates! Thanks Absession!”

(Kathy Adisano, member since 2008)

“If it wasn’t for the hard work and mentoring at The Pilates Absession these past 3 years, I wouldn’t have recovered from my recent back surgery so smoothly.”

(Rose Foley, member since 2007)

“I joined 3.5 years ago in desperation for a nagging lower back issue that chiropractors could alleviate but not cure. Sleeping through the night was not an option. I was miserable, but skeptical about Pilates, knew semi-private lessons would eat into my budget, but at 61, can now say I no longer have any back issues and am more limber than when I was 30. The instructors LISTEN to an individual’s problem and the routines are adjustable for anyone’s personal level of fitness. It has been worth every penny – you can’t put a pricetag on the way I feel today. Missing a class for work ruins my day!”

(Peg Kreite, member since 2007)

“After the birth of my second daughter a year ago, I was 40 lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. I turned towards The Pilates Absession to lose weight and strengthen my core area, but what I found was so much more! After only a few months, I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I was, and I feel more like myself again both physically and emotionally. The difference at The Pilates Absession is that working out with them is fun and challenging; the women are smart and strong; they are friendly and accessbile; they are moms, educators, neighbors and friends. Adding Pilates, at The Pilates Absession, to my weekly schedule has made a huge difference in my day-to-day life and I am achieving my weight-loss goals. They’ve got a lifelong client in me, and I know you’ll be just as happy. Give them a call today!”

(Cristie Favata, member since 2010)

“I wanted to get back into shape after having my two children.  There are many options but I had to find something I knew I would stick with and would also give me quick results.  After much research and hearing many good things about Pilates, I found The Pilates Absession and decided to give it a try.  It was the best decision I ever made.  After only three short months,  I am wearing the same size I was wearing four years ago; before my first son was born.  Now, I smile every time I look in the mirror and also enjoy physical activity again.  Thank you to the trainers at The Pilates Absession for their knowledge of Pilates and for providing a fun and comfortable environment to work out in.  I am officially hooked!”

(Vanessa, Franklin Square)