Pilates with Comedy Central’s Dwayne Perkins

Dwayne PerkinsMuch like financial investments it’s best to diversify your workout regime. I’ve always been interested in Pilates. To me Pilates is like Yoga without the chanting and sage (the spice or the mystic).  I even have a Winsor Pilates workout tape that I’ve had for 6 years and never used.  But I’ve been meaning to.  I mean if  it’s good enough for Daisy Fuentes it’s good enough for me.

So I was very pleased last year (2007) when a friend of mine opened up a Pilates Studio on Long Island.  And I was game when she asked me to come do a session and be photographed. My friend’s studio, THE PILATES ABSESSION, employs the Pilates machines. The machines look like torture devices and sure enough my friend, Karen, tortured me. Don’t you worry though, if you go she’ll make sure your workout is strenuous but suited for your fitness level.  But we had an unspoken fitness challenge that had been brewing for a while.  She won. It was a blowout actually. Pilates is the truth. It definitely works. Karen is a mother of three and I would rather be back to back with her in a bar fight than with most guys I know. Let’s just say if Houdini did Pilates he would have survived that sucker punch to his belly.

This gives me impetus to work harder and become a household name. How cool would it be to go to a web page and see Johnny Depp doing Hip Hop abs. But this blog is about Pilates and my foray into modeling. It’s official, I’m a male model. I hope one day that pic of me will be a trivia question like Cuba Gooding Junior getting his haircut in Coming To America…sans lines.

Daisy Fuentes where are you? Call me. Let’s do lunch.