Group Classes


The Pilates Reformer helps to establish torso stability and postural alignment while working peripheral limbs in a range of motion. The adjustable springs allow for progressive resistance, which helps to lengthen and strengthen the muscles rather than building bulk. It makes for an effective, no-impact stretching and toning workout that is friendly to the joints.


This challenging class is appropriate for all levels of Pilates practitioners. By utilizing spring-based resistance, you will stretch your muscles while strengthening your core. Be prepared for a great workout with more than 200 exercises for your instructor to choose from.


Watch out! In this class, your instructor has the choice to use any equipment we have in the studio. You are guaranteed an intense workout. Be prepared to sweat because your instructor has hundreds of exercises to choose from.


While many of the Chair exercises are performed seated and pressing down on a footbar, others are done lying on the floor, standing straight up, lunging forward, or doing push-ups! Don’t be fooled by the name of this piece of equipment.